What is Ecofeminism?

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Hello lovely people!

I just got back from an AMAZING trip to Iceland, where I saw some really incredible parts of our beautiful planet. The most incredible thing I saw was the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon on the south coast of the Island. I learned a bit about glaciers and icebergs, and how glaciers are one of the best places to see and study the effects of climate change. This glacial lagoon (although incredibly beautiful) has come to be simply because of global warming and climate change. Being on a boat, right in the middle of it and hearing these things reinvigorated my passion for the environment and I hope I can inspire you to go out, educate yourselves, and make little changes in your lifestyle to create a positive impact.


Start your educational journey with this awesome article on ecofeminism from 1 Million Women.


Some pictures from the Glacier Lagoon!

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