"Try" a poem by @kristyf1504

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I keep writing words
Filled with a fake optimism of the future 
And a love of the present
That I know people want to see. 
These words are empty if I don’t believe them
And trust me, I don’t. 
Because loving yourself is difficult 
And keeping that self love a constant is near impossible. 

So these words will not be sugar coated. 
This poem will not lie to you. 
It is ok. It is ok if you do not love yourself today or tomorrow or the next day. 
It is entirely okay. 
But just know that you’re allowed. 
You are allowed to love yourself and you are allowed to try and fail and try again. 
You can try as many times as you need. 
Because this whole this is hard. 
But that’s okay. 
Just try. 
I’m right there, trying too.
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