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Every day, I challenge myself to come up with 2 things that I am grateful for. I wrote daily goals on my calendar for a really long time, but now I find that recording 2 things I am grateful for helps me count the positive things in my life rather than dwell on another to do list. Today, I am grateful for:

  1. The GREATEST pals
  2. Sick Tunes

I’d consider myself lucky because my friends are incredibly loving and supportive of everything that I do. Regardless of whether I have known them for 4 months or 4 years, each of them bring something unique and special to my life and I’m eternally grateful for the strength they foster in me.

Music feeds my soul. Being that I enjoy spending time alone, I find that a little background music keeps me sane. I have playlists for when I’m in a funk, for when I’m pumping up for the gym, for studying and everything in between. I strongly believe that music heals and there are very few times that you’ll catch me in complete silence.

With that being said, what could be better than listening to the music that makes your friends the happiest? I asked some of the most important people in my life for the top 3 songs that make them want to roll the windows down on a sunny day and feel the wonders of living, the kind of songs that they listen to when they want a confidence or mood boost, or the kind of songs that put a smile on their lovely faces.

This playlist is a product of my best friends. I like it because not only is it a bomb playlist that contains almost every genre of music, but because it clearly shows that everyone’s cure for a bad day or episode is not universal.


Whether you only enjoy one song or the entire playlist, I hope that some part of this playlist can let you experience a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart and soul like it did for me.

Staying super positive my dudes, Enjoy!



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