'Sunday Lookout' a Poem by @sammacdougall

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Have you ever sat somewhere and couldn't help but notice all the people.
Where they were looking, how they laugh at someone's attempt to be funny. 
The glares as they wait for a overpriced drink.
Have you ever wondered what they were thinking 
Where they were going as their stride quickened.
In case you were wondering ... I'm not a creepy people watcher (I bet you were thinking that).
No, I am just observant maybe even an introvert.
Just seeing things that are not there to others.
Trying to figure out why I feel so different than all these figures around me.
But I think deep down we feel this need to stay constrained
To stay buried inside our bubble
Trying to stay as similar to the next one as we can.
Or maybe I'm just crazy; who knows!
My point, I guess, is that somehow we spend our entire lives trying to figure out where we fit into this world, this place, this street, or corner or crowd covered city. 
Like trying to put together a puzzle that's missing a few pieces. 
    But to be honest, I think we’re made to challenge to status quo, to question what were told, stand up for what is right and stand out among a crowd. 
So please don’t change
So please don’t be an imitation of others
So please be you
So please be you. 
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