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If you live in the Midwest like me, May usually brings a sigh of relief as the cold weather finally moves on. The local Target stores are in full summer mode and you’re graced with the luxurious color green; a color that barely survived 6 months of lingering cold.

But the same thing happens every year. No matter where I go or what I do, I’m assaulted with “summer bodies” and summer imagery that highlights one single body type.

And that shit is just draining, am I right? (I’m all about “Live and Let Live,” but our screams for varied bodies in media are deafening at this point.)

To contrast this “assault,” I started catering my social media to contain more inclusive content, but it can be difficult when you’re scrolling through feeds. So I’ve grabbed 15 of my favorite summer vibe photos that I’d love to share with you to help you get into the warmer weather without feeling inundated with singular body types. Hope you all enjoy and have a great time in the newly found warmer days.



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Photos from: Luz Natural, Kiel James Patrick, Matthieu Venot, Sarah Welsh, and models Bae KyoHyun and Brielle Anyea. Some photos lack attribution, please contact christina.neubauer@gmail.com if you recognize your work.

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