Self Care as Productivity

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We feel it all the time in this society: productivity = success.
But does it really have to?

I find myself especially in this mindset when school and work get overwhelming. On my days off, I tend to push myself to do something productive with my day. Cleaning, reading, working out, homework, all of it! I make lists that are sometimes more overwhelming to look at than to do the actual work. But why
are we obsessed with productivity? What if today, your productivity consisted of taking a nap, watching your favorite show, or even just getting out of bed? Who dictates what is productive?

I’ve been realizing the last few months that sometimes that’s what my days off look like. The dishes stay in the sink and the laundry remains unfolded, and that’s OK. I’ve found that what makes the most sense for me and what feels the best is living in the moment and doing what my intuition tells me. Tired? Take a nap! Motivated to tackle that to-do list? Go for it!

Of course I recognize the importance and the great feeling of getting household tasks and work projects done – but it doesn’t need to come before your mental and physical health. Prioritizing yourself means more than your clean home or your GPA.

Try making a list of things you feel you could do to be productive today and challenge the idea that they have to be concrete things for your work, school, home, etc. Add one thing that would make YOU feel happy. Add one thing that you can do to show your body and mind some love. Keep going.

Self-care = productivity.
Success = self-care.

Emily Watne

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