Mental Health Apps for Youth

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So what’s the deal with Millennials anyways, right? Other generations are always complaining about us, saying we pay too much attention to technology; especially our smart phones. However, what those people don’t understand is that in a day and age where everything is so accessible online, maybe we’re using our phones as our self-help guides? Mental health apps are becoming a popular way to access therapy, coping techniques, and even peer support for mental illness. They are a great alternative for those who maybe cannot access one-on-one treatment due to cost, accessibility etc. They can also be used as extra added support on top of therapy when you find yourself needing some extra help until your next therapy session. I’ve recently found great benefit in the use of the app ‘BetterHelp’. I was finding it difficult to get everything that I needed out of just one therapy session per week, and I turned to BetterHelp as a means of support for the other things that I didn’t have the time to work on in therapy.

Because youth are at the highest risk for mental health issues, including suicide, and they are so invested in technology, mental health apps are not only a great resource, but also a great way to pull yourself from isolation and connect with others, creating a much-needed support network. Here are a list of some of my fave mental health apps that are free for both Iphone and Android! ☺



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