Instantselflove: a Journey

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Self-love: “regard for one's own happiness or advantage.”

- Merriam-Webster definition Confusing, yes? For me, definitely.
Self-love is something I’ve always struggled with. Questioning exactly what is, what it looks like and how to obtain it.
Being in the age of social media I found myself comparing my body, personality and over all being to the ones that appeared on my phone screen. I would get sucked into the “Fitness” and “Beauty” pages on Instagram destroying any self-love that I had on any given day.
I knew I had to do something substantial to change my way of thinking about myself.
One day I woke with an idea. In the year of 2018 I will change my views on myself to not only help me, but the people that surround me. 2018 is the year of self-love.

So on January 1st, 2018 I started an Instagram account named @Instantselflove. A page in which I post a daily instax picture of a person and ask them the question “What does self-love mean to you?” The goal being to actually have to reflect on each person’s answer for myself and to get the “self-love conversation” flowing between other people.

My account already features two hundred and fourteen people sharing their views of self-love. Everyday I’m getting a different take on what self-love means to someone. I’m still figuring out exactly what self-love means to me, it is pretty damn hard sometimes, but here are some of the posts from the page that have impacted my self-love in one way or another.

You can follow the rest of my journey @Instantselflove. -Emma Marnie

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