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I’m happy with social media’s presence in my life but that has not always been the case. For a while I compared myself and others to the images I saw people post on their Instagram or Facebook. I would read witty tweets and think “No one is going to think I’m as funny.” Diet culture and fat and slut shaming are so present but thankfully, we have those nifty follow, unfollow, and block buttons! Clear out your feed of the negativity and choose to create a timeline that inspires and enriches you!

Here are my top five favorite inspirational and educational Instagram accounts:






Gives these incredible women a look and a follow if (and when) they speak truth to your heart.

BONUS: @nathan_thebeachat (good for some giggles and cuteness therapy



The accounts mentioned above were not asked to be involved nor did they request to be mentioned. They are not partnered with SLS. I, Sarah (@sardivito), just really love them.

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