I did nothing yesterday

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I did nothing yesterday

I mean, I accomplished going to a doctor appointment and successfully making it there on time, but that was it. Even now, I try to think of what I did and I come up empty.

At the day’s end, I had this feeling that I had wasted it all. I could have gotten up earlier; could have eaten sooner; could have checked off items on my growing To Do list.

But I didn’t.

I was exhausted and listless. I finally had a chance to sleep in, which was AMAZING, but I felt like I had worked a 10-hour day. And I knew why.

“Anxiety, tiredness, and negative thoughts are seen as the symptomatic triad of depression. Even though depression is a psychological disorder, it can trigger somatic (physical) symptoms including loss of energy.” (ZME Science)

Yep. I was at a low point.

So why did I feel like I wasted the day when I had truthfully just given into what my body and mind needed? Why did I feel useless when I knew what the issue was?

I don’t exactly have an answer to be honest; it’s pretty much just me being hard on myself. So I’m sharing this day with everyone in hopes of spreading the idea that cutting yourself some slack is worth it. Giving yourself a break from expectation is valid and sometimes necessary.

Take the nap.
Watch 4 hours of a random show.
Eat a little comfort food.
Do some yoga.
Pet every single dog you see.
And learn to forgive yourself for the days where you stand still.




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