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The best item that has helped me through the darkest part of the last year of my life is a present my mother gave me. I had just recently told her about the anxiety and depression I have been experiencing. We were walking around a store and she picked up a large glass jar with the word “Happiness” on the front of it. Inside came a pen and a roll of tiny cards. Without even a second guess she bought this for me and I hadn’t even acknowledged that it had been for me until after she purchased it. She said to me: “I want you to find one thing that makes you happy every day. Even if it’s the tiniest thing that you think means nothing, write it down anyway. And when you ever down and beating yourself up I want you to open the jar and read them all out loud to yourself.”

Steps to make your own happiness jar:

  1. Buy or reuse a clear mason jar (having a lid does not make a difference).
  2. Cut 20-50 small squares of paper to write on everyday (cutting them out of colored paper can brighten up your jar).
  3. Cut out a 10cm x 10cm piece of colored paper to create a title for the front of the jar and you get creative with it.
  4. Write out 10 things that make you happy to start the jar off
  5. Set a remind on your phone everyday or put a sticky note on your wall to remind yourself to write in the jar.
  6. In low moments read through the little things in life that make you happy to have the life that you do.
  7. Love yourself!




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