6 Ways to Destress After Exams

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Exams are hard. They can take a toll on you and they shake you from your normal routine. Even if you are usually good about making time for yourself and self-care, it is easy for that time to slip away during a stressful period. I’m sure many of you have read about ways to get through exams or prepare for exams, but I am going to write about what I like to do after exams are over to destress and bring myself back to feeling human again.

  1. Sleep

Exam period can be long and stressful, and sometimes it’s hard to get enough sleep while studying. So, when you are done exams, take the time to sleep! I usually give myself one or two days (or more depending on how tired I really am) of complete lazy days. Go to sleep and don’t set any alarms for the next day! If you naturally wake up early (lol not me…) then just chill in bed for a while, binge some Netflix you have fallen behind on. If you do sleep in that’s great, don’t stress if it is 10am, noon, or 4pm that you finally get up. You deserve the rest; your body needs it!

  1. Eat good food

Food prep can be pushed to the side during exam season and that can mean you end up eating fast food more or other fast options. Some people may eat more or less during exams because of stress or lack of movement throughout the long studying days. After exams are over get back to your normal food routine and enjoy some yummy homemade meals.

  1. Get moving

During exams I know I can go hours with barely moving. So now that you don’t have to sit and study every day, get moving. That can mean going for a walk in the (hopefully) nicer spring weather, going to a yoga class, going to the gym, whatever you find your body is craving, just move.

  1. Socialize

Get back in touch with friends you haven’t spoken to in the past few weeks. Go out to coffee, for drinks, dancing, for a walk, sit in silence together, whatever your thing is - get in touch with your friends and enjoy their company.

  1. Get back into your hobby

I love to draw, but during exams I usually don’t feel I have time to spend drawing or doing other hobbies. Now that you have more spare time, get back into an old hobby or maybe pick up a new one! If you need ideas for new hobbies think about something you have always wanted to know or learn. Learn a new language, learn origami, volunteer somewhere, or look on Udemy.com for more ideas (they have so many cheap courses to teach you anything you can imagine). Just get started on something you enjoy.

  1. Breathe

Just breathe. Stop for a while. You don’t need to rush into the next thing, whether that is a summer job or trying to find fulltime employment. Despite what everyone tries to tell you, you do have time, so take a second to breathe and figure out how you want to continue.

I hope these tips help you destress after exams. This is what I like to do post-exam period to help me get back to myself. These things help me check in with myself to make sure I am taking care of my mind and body. Congratulations for getting through exams, treat yourself, you deserve it!

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