10 Silver Linings for Cloudy Days

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Silver linings have become a bit of an obsession of mine as of late. I find it a good grounding technique and just a great way to remind myself of things to be happy about. I wanted to share some silver linings that I’ve found in my own life recently in hopes that maybe they’ll inspire someone to look for silver linings in their own life.

  1. I drive almost everywhere, and as a result, I hate construction. But recently, I was walking to work from my car, I was waiting for a light to change beside a bright orange construction sign. I was using my phone to check my makeup and happened to notice that the construction sign was creating this super cool lighting effect and I probably took the best selfie of my life!!!!
  2. I was way early getting to work today, and caught myself thinking “Crap! I could have slept in longer!” While this is true, by arriving early today, I was able to spend some down time chatting with some of my coworkers, which I wouldn’t have gotten if I’d slept in.
  3. My cat woke me up early to feed him this morning, and honestly I was mad at him. No one wants their Monday to start of being woken up earlier than their alarm! But then I realized how lucky I am to have a pet! Some people will never have the opportunity to have a little fur baby, and as annoying as mine is, I love him dearly.
  4. The Starbucks I go to frequently was out of the drink I wanted, BUMMER. But one of the baristas suggested something new for me to try and I loved it!!
  5. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and even though I may get caught in the rain walking to my car after work, maybe I’ll get a free car wash!
  6. I have to run so many errands this week, and the thought of it is somewhat daunting. But then I thought about how far I’ve come in my life to be able to plan things out and be successful in them. Yay me!
  7. The onset of warmer weather in my city has had me feeling pretty anxious about summer (aka tighter and more revealing) clothes. This brought on some introspection about my eating disorder recovery and I remembered that even the hardest day in recovery is better than the worst day in my disorder.
  8. I did absolutely nothing over the weekend. Like, literally, nothing other than watch movies, read, nap and take a bath. I found myself being a bit hard on myself, thinking that I wasn’t being productive enough. But then I realized that listening to my mind & body and practicing some much needed self-care was as productive as I needed to be.
  9. It’s Monday today, and I’d be lying if I say I love Mondays. But to get myself out of the Monday blues, I remind myself just how lucky I am to have a job that makes me smile.
  10. I ran out of energy on my Harry Potter game and have to wait until after work to play again. Guess what I get to look forward to all day!!!

Life can get pretty dark and cloudy sometimes, but something that I’ve learned is that silver linings are always around somewhere; we just have to go looking for them sometimes. Share your own silver linings with me, I’d love to hear what you all find!

As always, stay gentle!

XO, Emma


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